Strona: Results


None of the competing solutions can be rebuilt the material used in the full-fledged cartilage hyaline tissue

Biological autological solutions are based on suspensions of mesenchymal stem cells, suspensions of chondrocytes, cartilage and bone grafts, mosaics, and the deposition of chondrocytes in 3D membranes.

Competitive solutions

None of the existing solutions allows for the transplantation of autologous material with a larger, uniform, solid, close to native surface



Light microscopy

Cell proliferation under vehicle conditions with appropriate supplementation within 2 and 14 days from the start of the procedure.  Top row: supplementation A, bottom row: supplementation B.

Product (ATMP) Manufacturing Process Developed

Light microscopy

Ilustration of the process of filling the space between two joined pieces of tissue

Confocal microscopy

A construct composed of two pieces of tissue  connected by a new structure containing living,  functional chondrocytes (blue – cell nuclei, red – mitochondria, green – collagen).

ELISA (enzyme immunoassay)

Confirmation of the preservation of the phenotype by chondrocytes present in the product.