Strona: Method

There is a need for in vitro production full  value autologous hyaline cartilage ready  for implementation, that biologically  restores the functions of the joint

The PEARL method has the features of a perfect therapy

It enables the cultivation of full-thick, stable but also flexible cartilage in vitro

The grown cartilage can integrate with the patient’s tissue

It enables the full-thickness defect to be filled with stable and flexible cartilage

The shape of the curvature of the articular surface will be restored

There are no restrictions on the number of treatments during the patient’s lifetime

Possibility of biological treatment of patients over 55 years of age

Reducing the invasiveness of the procedure and reducing the risk of perisurgery complications

Shortening the rehabilitation period

Maximizing the chance of a lasting improvement in the patient’s health after treatment

The Pearl Product has a mechanical resistance to crushing and abrasion, unlike other available methods, that provides patients full range of motion immidiatley after surgery

Eliminating the need to remove the joint and implant an endoprosthesis


Innovative PEARL Method


Process flow


Unlike existing therapies, the PEARL method allows the joint to return to its full efficiency

Diagnose the disease at an early / medium stage using MRI

Application of the PEARL method

complete healing of the joint

Avoidance of an endoprosthesis

Benefits for the healthcare system

  • Lower costs of holistic therapy including surgery, pain management and rehabilitation.

Benefits for the patient

  • Restoration of natural cartilage tissue.
  • No limitation in limb function.
  • Avoidance of risks and discomfort associated with endoprosthesis implantation.
  • Avoidance of amputation in case of patients getting first endoprotesis in younger age.